The Integration and Development of Religion and Chinese Culture


    HONG KONG, Sept. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On September 14, Mr. Kwok Yat Ming, senior commentator and vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, attended the program ‘Looking around the world’ performed in the ‘ Channel One’ as its guest host and made an insightful discussion on the influence of Hong Kong’s religion on social culture and education, together with Mr. Daniel Ng, pastor emeritus of Hong Kong Evangelical Free Church in China, and  Mr. Andy Fung, consultant of ELCHK Lutheran Academy and director of Hong Kong Bible Society.

    From the start of this program, pastor Daniel Ng introduced the role of religion in Hong Kong society during the British colonial period and the changes that have taken place since the handover. As the principal of the Christian school, Mr. Andy Fung introduced the development history of Hong Kong Christian school in detail, as well as relevant contributions of religious schools to Hong Kong’s education in the terms of teaching lessons, educating students, and cultivating talents in history.  

    During this program, Mr. Kwok Yat Ming has talked about the relationship between education and the recent social movements that happened in Hong Kong Society. As what pastor Daniel Ng has suggested that, after the handover of Hong Kong to China, the Hong Kong Society is gradually becoming increasingly pan-political, reflected in the phenomenon that current education in secondary and primary school is lacking the cultivation of the student’s historical consciousness, national consciousness, as well as the recognition of the national identity. Mr. Andy Fung has refereed that during the current internet period, the development of the internet has not only brought modern education with convenience but also deepened its challenge, as the dividing line between the actual world and the internet visual world has become increasingly blurred. pastor Daniel Ng also shared with this opinion, while Indicated that the network should be put to good use as an educational tool.

    In the second half of this program, the three host and guests made a further discussion on the question that ‘Does religion affect society or does society affect religion?’ Starting from the perspective of the mutual reflection between education and society, Mr. Andy Fung elaborated on the influence of the internet on both people and education respectively. Through returning the view to the perspective of religion, pastor Daniel Ng suggested that, there is an interactive relationship between the development of religion in China and that all around the world. Therefore, religion and society are in interaction with each other. Although inspired and influenced by western culture, the development of domestic religion on the ground of Hong Kong has always been rooted in its distinctive historical and cultural background, as well as the grassroots of Hong Kong’s civilians. As for this reason, Hong Kong’s religion has always conducted a series of benign activities caring for humane while proliferating our general love in line with the government’s policies, to maintain the diverse and inclusive society in Hong Kong. In response to the ‘Hong Kong 2020 Evangelical Declaration’ issued by the Hong Kong Pastors Network, Mr. Andy Fung Quoted Romans 12:18: ‘If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.’ He suggested that Christians do have an important role as peacemakers. As for this reason, we must be careful about what we say and do so as not to affect others and undermine social stability. Pastor Daniel Ng, on the other hand, suggested that this declaration is a very shallow analysis from the perspective of religious beliefs, with only a narrow group of faith and a narrow realm of recognition.

    At the end of this program, the host made a special online video connection with Pastor Kim Chang Shi from Korea. The development of religion in Korea is remaining a vigorous trend, during this connection, Pastor Kim Chang Shi introduced the development history of Christian in Korea and the positive significance of Christian to Korean People. In responding the question from Mr. Kwok Yat Ming about the relationship between religion and politics in Korean society, Pastor Kim Chang Shi has especially pointed out that Christianity in Korean Society has been committed to promoting the development of harmoniousness and stability in Korean society, as for this reason, religion will not and should not actively participate in political activities.

    This discussion episode will air on September 19 in the episode of ‘ Looking around the world’ of the ‘Channel One’ on Facebook and YouTube.

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